My name is Steven. Middle name Dale - push those together and chop out a few letters and you get VENDA. I love living in central Alberta with my amazing wife and two girls, Anthym and Royal.  A few things that get me stoked are fast internet, good coffee (or sometimes just coffee), podcasts (the elite status journalism type), and always qualifying things with parenthesis.

I used to complain about poor or outdated design. Then I began trying to help instead of whining, and guess what!? I found that creating feels GOOD, and that my perfectionism became a blessing,  not a curse. 

A common mistake I hear people say is "it's good enough" or "I can't afford anything better".  Well let me tell you, it's actually not good enough, and the cost of having a poor brand or online presence is much more than you want to spend. 

One thing about me is I am way more wide than deep in the creative field. I've dipped my toe in design, but both web and print. Video but both film and motion. Photo, but both portraits and products. This is what makes me unique in my ability to help you create something amazing!




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